Product & Service

Browser based UI for Narrative Analytics and Reports

Self service and Domain Independent

Interactive Data Exploratory and Analytics tool (IDEA tool)

Meant for Business Analyst, Domain Specialist, Data Scientist with little IT expertise required

Works with Traditional or Next Generation BI Data Warehouse

On-premise version is available (email:

BI Data Warehouse

Indexed, Correlated, Federated, Categorized

Incremental and Dynamic

Provenance, Versioned & Secure

Graph Search, Parallel Access

Embedded Domain Context, Schema on Read

Linked Object Data Query

Storage - Hadoop NoSQL / Hybrid GRDB / RDF Triplestore

Social Network, Geo Spatial, Temporal

IOT Analytics

Data Governance


Data Preparation - Big Data Engineering

Big Data, RDF, Knowledge Bases, Ontologies

Learning Models, ML Algorithms

Complex Preprocessing - Graph processing

Custom ETL pipelines – bulk import, Data Cleanse, Harmonize data across disparate sources

Augment, Aggregate data and Build BI Data Warehouse

Utilize remote data scientists and IT Experts (from anywhere in the world), without the data ever going out of your firewalls

Concierge Data Science and Knowledge Engineering Services

Data Connectors

Big Data from various sources are imported in to the system through channel connectors

Connectors handle streaming and bulk import of data

Connectors for Video, Audio and other channels support preprocessing and harmonizing through protocol adaptors

Standard protocols are supported


Next Generation Big Data Analytics