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Visual Analytics


Discovery & Analysis



Understanding the data is key to asking right questions to gain valuable business insights and hidden patterns.



Easy unhindered exploration through visual interaction enables investigating deeper connections with in the data, especially by business analysts or domain specialists who know the data.



hiddime works with traditional BI Data Warehouses and modern Hybrid BI Data Warehouses and extends the seamless exploration to connected graphs, semi-structured data, etc.

Analytics on-cloud, or on-premise, in the browser by business analyst


Target Users

Frontline Business Managers
Domain Experts & Data Analysts
Data Scientists



Domain Independent and Self service
POINT & CLICK Interface
Automatic Narrative Analytics


Remote collaborative analyst workgroups on-demand

Big Data presents vast amounts of data to be understood and analyzed.

Teams are essential for a comprehensive approach to analytics and to be sure that possible data patterns are not left out

Seamlessly adding analysts to workgroup who can work remotely on data (without moving data) goes a long way in extending the analytics effort and improving the outcomes


Easy to follow Reports and Charts

Visual interactive sessions are key to clarifying data, they can lead to quick finding of important patterns in the data

Charts are unique and powerful way to gain insights. Users feel less daunting when they are not expected to learn complex configurations

Our Quickgraph module allows for automatic charts and does not require any configuration by the user in order to produce relevant charts at any point in the navigation


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Business Analytics

Remote Data Analyst

Data Prep & Ingest

Remote Data Engineer

Predictive Analytics

Remote Data Scientist