Name - 'hid'den 'dime'nsion. It is pronounced as [hid][dahym]

Data Exploration tool that runs in browser, enables frontline business managers to discover organizational data that substantiates and supports decisions they take to advance corporate goals

Need business knowledge of domain, but 'NO’ IT or querying knowledge.

Discover causal data correlates that point to the existence of important patterns

Discover data patterns to validate hypotheses

Discover data correlates that substantiate predictions

Outputs decision supporting narrative insights and visual analytics reports

Supports analyst workgroups, instant sharing of path of exploration and insight internally and externally

Inadequate focus and development spend on incorporating underlying COGNITIVE MECHANISMS, KNOWLEDGE IN COGNITIVE AND DECISION PROCESSES into user interfaces has left today’s BI and Analytics tools hard to use, unfriendly, esoteric and IT centric resulting in partial delivery on the promise of data analytics. In addition, giddy excitement for novelty and technology among popular media has contributed to upping expectations on tech skills (increasingly deeper tech) that non-practitioners must gain.

We believe time spent by non-IT specialists to gain skill and expertise in IT is justified, but beyond a threshold spending valuable time away from spending time in gaining deeper knowledge of their respective specialist domains is net loss to the society.

It is IT’s job to provide tools that specialists and experts can use to fully leverage their domain knowledge without resorting to inordinate IT-learning curves. In short we need a revolution in usability of BI analytics tools by frontline business executives.

We started on hiddime with that in mind! We realize UI is only half the game other half being the BI Data Warehouses that must now be capable to deliver the new analytics made possible by BIG DATA and SEMANTIC DATA.

Existing tools are not designed to leverage knowledge of frontline business managers

Today’s self-service BI tools expect users to have specialist IT knowledge

Eliminate need to involve IT to run reports and analysis on the data they know

Frontline Business Managers can gain rich role based insight first hand in a timely manner

Deeper analytics non-existent in today’s BI tools beyond pre-canned reports and raw querying in browser

Easy to get to the reasons and root causes behind the numbers

Connected Graph are non-existent in today’s BI – a rich source of insight and intelligence

A Single tool to support business decisions by frontline managers

Pre-canned reports are limiting, and just providing direct query interface does not improve ease of on-demand ad-hoc exploration and discovery of supporting patterns in data

Cloud compute and storage in AWS (soon on Azure and GC)

Behind screen - data is automatically indexed to enable fast access to every attribute with in the functional context and is triggered by point n click actions

Powered by Relational, Graph and Semantic technologies

Users can access hiddime over the web in their favourite browser on tablets and notebooks anywhere, anytime

User session runs hiddime in independent isolated secure compute environment with architecture of share-nothing of disk, CPU, and network. (Totally private environment to your workgroup and organization)

On-Premise version is available (contact : support@hiddime.com)

Current version available can handle upto 100GB of Data in a user account. Note, the actual size of disk will be a multiple of User data as indexing and organization for fast query and retrieval will require additional disk.

The UI is entirely in the Browser, so there is no need for any install what so ever even if you are using the on-prem version of hiddime (for on-prem please contact : support@hiddime.com)

Chrome browser is preferred, as our automated tests target Chrome for now.

So, you may be advised to go with latest versions of Chrome web browser. (even though the UI should work in latest versions of Firefox, IExplorer)

Our Cloud infrastructure is hosted on AWS now. We intend to have it running on MS Azure and Google Cloud also.

With On-premise version, data will be within your network

AWS infrastructure is secure, we are hosted on their datacenters

Absolutely. Please see our privacy policy on the login screen.

We will never disclose your data, personal information (whatever little we take) to a 3rd party. If ever we are required to do so, we will first ask and take your consent.


This is one of the things we strove hard during the development. In the process our team had solved some key user-interface dynamics so as to enable unhindered, yet rapid exploration to traverse and navigate through the entire baseline data.

We have a patent filed specifically in this area – that clubs user-interactions with indexing and storage at the server end.

A. Users can point n click their way to answers for the likes of these questions
a. Why did sales last November go down ?
b. Who among my customers can influence others to buy more ?
c. What aspect is helping improve sales of a product?
d. Catch All - What type of customers are buying which type of products and why – what could be the reason?

Please let us know (email to support@hiddime.com) if there are other types of queries that you are finding hard to answer in a typical hiddime session, we will help you with the navigation.

On-Cloud Hiddime is currently offered upto 100GB

The limit likely will go up in time upto 1 TB eventually

On-Prem version has no known limits (check with support@hiddime.com)

CSV, TSV, JSON, RDF are primary formats for the on-cloud

Other formats (RDBMS data dumps, parkay) are supported. Will be made available in due time.


Primary account holder on sub –plan that has access to multiple analysts can add in analysts (up to number allowed) to the account.

A security access token is sent via email to each analyst for each session they are going to be part of.

Entire workgroup works on the same machine instance on the cloud.

Primary user can monitor the access times, and controls the session. Primary user is the only one that can kill the machine instance

Yes. Go to login page and click free.

Login using social network and ofcourse no need to give any credit card details

Under the free account you can upload upto 100MB data. At the end of the session the data is deleted. So next time you login to free account you will have to reload your data. All features are available under the free account (except workgroup)

a. Output of a hiddime session is a transcript which can be a report that can be printed and emailed
b. Output can be a saved-session which holds the entire navigation that can be saved and shared with others in the workgroup for instant access to a complex navigation.
c. Data that are part of a particular analytic can be saved in set of spreadsheets as a workbook that can be printed, saved and emailed

Yes. Please check under ‘pricing’ on hiddime.com (contact : support@hiddime.com)

Data upload can be slow as the machine instance you may have signed up for is smaller compared to the data you want to load.

Some of the customers have shown preference to use a higher order machine instance only for ‘uploads’ and later downgrade to normal machine instance for analysis sessions. (We have not formalized this but we will make it available to all once it is standardized with corresponding pricing)

Please send an email to support@hiddime.com

With hiddime we are automatically building a default BI Data Warehouse.

Default BI Datawarehouse doesn’t have mechanisms to integrate with ML pipeline outputs or more sophisticated ET pipeline outputs.

You can ask us to build ‘custom Big Data Driven BI Data Warehouse’. Our parent company Lead Semantics is specialized in building Custom BigData Driven BI Data Warehouses. Please send enquiries to support@hiddime.com

Hiddime stores a graph representation of the input data as such navigation is inherent.

ID resolution can benefit from context sensitive querying with associated partial graphs which help to disambiguate the entities and help resolve.

For further info please send email to support@hiddime.com

Only one Email per user account is allowed regardless of which ever social network you use.