Advanced Analytics Out Of The Box

Hiddime is also being used to deliver high-end diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics using Machine Learning, AI and Semantics. Some such illustrations include -

  • 1) Predict Probability of Default
  • 2) Deploy Social Network & Text Analytics with Geo-Spatial and Geo Temporal dimensions
  • 3) Deliver Dynamic Credit Ageing Analytics
  • 4) Prescribe Poverty Alleviation Interventions
  • 5) Identify Failure Patterns for Windmills, using IOT data
  • 6) Leverage Semantics to Build Unique Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions
  • 7) Automate NLP to augment Knowledge Graphs
  • 8) Build Semantic Data Lakes
  • 9) Deploy Cognitive Analytics

We are a joint collaboration partner with Franz. Franz is the leader/ pioneer in AI and Semantics. Franz has worked with several global companies, state agencies in various areas of data science like fraud detection, precision medicine, intelligence analytics, semantic data lakes, etc. Below is one link that showcases a recent engagement

Using the Data Science capabilities of Hiddime/ Lead Semantics and Allegrograph/ Franz, we were able to successfully predict patterns of failure for Operational Wind Mills. Each Windmill had multiple sensors and each sensor could generate about 27,500 data points every second, which was Huge/ Big Data to process. We were able to successfully get these data points for analysis using IOT concepts. Subsequently, we used Machine Learning and Semantics concepts to find and recognize patterns.

CaseStudy_Windmill IOT & ML